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“Susan and Izzy have a lot of fun talking about writing and what they’re learning about each other’s generation. I can’t wait to hear what they have to say next.”
 – Book columnist Sara Peyton

“Izzy and Susan are a high-energy team. Their presentation was thought-provoking, warm and engaging… and we sold tons of books!”
– Lila Weinberger, Readers Books


Authors Izzy Rose and Susan Swartz, daughter and mother, like to talk about what our generations share, how we differ and what we can learn from each other. In our popular books each of us took off to bust stereotypes. For Izzy, it was challenging the myth of the wicked stepmother. For Susan it was proving that women over 50 and beyond are not invisible. In the process we found that, no matter the subject, the conversation always comes back to: What do women really want?


Based on hundreds of women we’ve interviewed and met around the country and our own life experiences, we put on a lively talk, engaging a mixed generation audience, on everything from the necessity of friends to vanity worries and being ready to re-invent yourself at any age.

Susan says I spent so much time in my 20s and 30s explaining to colleagues and bartenders why women don’t want to be called “girls.”  Now I’m not so sure about “ladies” either.
Izzy saysMy girlfriends and I refer to each other as ladies, all the time. The term evokes glamour, sass and mid-afternoon cocktails.  Who wouldn’t want to be a “lady?”

Susan says My generation felt like we had to prove we could be super-women and many burned up in the process. But I worry that any show of weakness might take us back to that old second class position.

Izzy saysI think my generation is rethinking this notion that we can be and do everything – family, career, run marathons. What if we don’t want to do it all?


I’m Turning Into My Mother. I’m Turning Into My Daughter. What can we borrow from each other? Music and moisturizer, yes. Tank tops and clogs, maybe not.

How To Make Girlfriends at Any Age. Our need for nurturing friendships is important at any age, so how do women find a new BFF?

How the Media Looks at Us. Boomers are self-absorbed. Generation X is lost. At least that’s how the media sees our different generations. Where are we most truly portrayed in film, books and TV? Where do they get us all wrong?


juicytomatoesguidemed Susan writes about the Boomer generation in “The Juicy Tomatoes Guide to Ripe Living After 50″ and how women are staying lush and vital no matter of who tries to count us out.

Susan Swartz is a California journalist, author, public speaker and public radio commentator. She’s been writing about women since the consciousness raising era and says her boomer generation now takes on ageism as one more challenge in what society expects of women.

new-cover In “The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom,” Izzy writes about becoming an instant mother in her 30s when she married a man with two kids and how this is becoming the new reality for professional women of her generation.

Izzy Rose, now living in Austin, is an Emmy award-winning television writer/producer from the Bay Area. She is the founder and creator of www.stepmothersmilk.com, a popular blog and resource site for thirty-something stepmoms. She also co-produces Juicy Tomatoes, The Radio Show based on the books by Susan Swartz.

To book Susan and Izzy for a talk or workshop, contact susan@juicytomatoes.com and izzyrose@stepmothersmilk.com