The Package Deal

“Rose pulls of the seemingly impossible: she writes about the frequently bruising and brutal first year of going from single gal to insta-stepmom in a book that is hilarious, smart, and compulsively readable.”
–Wednesday Martin, Ph.D., author of Stepmonster: A New Look at Why Real Stepmothers Think, Feel, and Act the Way We Do

The Package Deal book cover

Meet Izzy Rose—a hilarious and chic new stepmom trying to come to terms with. the package deal. A single “middle-class socialite” living in San Francisco, Izzy loved her career as a successful, Emmy Award-winning TV producer and she was fine with the fact that she was unmarried and kid-less at thirty-five. But, then she fell in love with an irresistible Southern man named Hank and her Izzy-centric lifestyle turned upside down.

In short order, Izzy finds herself saying I DO to becoming a wife and “instant mom” to Hank’s two sons and packing her bags for a new life in Austin, Texas. There, Izzy struggles to hold on to a bit of her professional identity while reinventing the stepmother role in her sassy, stylish, but also loving and vulnerable way. Honest and daring, The Package Deal is a toast to the richness of her new life and a tribute to any woman whose ever fallen in love and then asked, What exactly did I get myself into?

Published by Three Rivers Press, an imprint of Crown Publishing, a division of Random House, Inc.

“In her refreshingly honest memoir, Rose describes how she made the transition from carefree party girl to wife and stepmother practically overnight, without losing her sense of humor.”

“This candid, optimistic memoir readably recounts Rose’s journey from single San Franciscan to stepmother of two adolescent boys in Texas. Clear-eyed, funny observations complement 21 “rules of motherhood” (e.g., compromise but without sacrificing yourself) and show how real people blend.”
–Library Journal

Izzy Rose “employs a breathless, funny voice to tell her insta-mom exploits in a way that even the firmly childless can enjoy.”
–North Bay Bohemian

The Package Deal “isn’t treacly or preachy or hyper self-help. Instead, it’s full of candid, often comical observations…”
–Austin American Statesman

“A funny, revealing memoir…” –Austin Chronicle

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